​01.05.21  I am thrilled to share this announcement:  

                  "CONGRATULATIONS!  We are excited to announce that you have been selected as the winner of Education Through Music-LA’s                           2021 Music Unites the World Songwriting Contest!  

                   Our external panel of judges were impressed with your piece, The Lamps Are Different, and we believe it will be an inspiring piece                       for the 2021 Music Unites the World Festival!"

​10.31.20   I will be leading an online score study with The Academy of Scoring Arts, of Bernard  Herrmann's classic, legendary score to Alfred                     Hitchcock's PSYCHO.  Saturday morning,  10/31/20 from 10am to noon.  

08.22.20    "System of the Clown" composed by Martin Tillman and William V. Malpede is licensed for use  in Netflix' LUCIFER Soundtrack


07.11.20    My original score for the short, STILL HERE was awarded Best Original Score, 2nd Place, in the ReelHeART INTERNATIONAL FILM                     FESTIVAL.

​03.07.20   I will be co- leading a seminar with the Academy of Scoring Arts:  ALEX NORTH - THE MUSIC  OF THE MISFITS and 2001                                       along with composer Edwin Wendler.

02.25.20   I orchestrated, and served as music director for THE MUSIC OF ELMER BERNSTEIN at The Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles.                         We were a popular and critical success!

12.15.19    The Glendale College Concert Singers under the direction of Dr. Peter Green perform "Psalm 90."

06.27.19   My piece, "Duet"  has been selected as the winner of the 2019 Illinois ACDA Choral Composition  Contest!   "Duet" is based on a                            poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, and will have its premiere at Illinois State University at their Summer ReTreat

06.01.19  I will be leading a seminar with the Academy of Scoring Arts on HERRMANN - HITCHCOCK: THE  MUSIC OF NORTH BY                                         NORTHWEST with special guest, author Steven C. Smith

01.14.19  Filming completed on the dance sequence for the new short film I am scoring, STILL HERE.

                 Written by and starring Chuck Saculla, directed by Tom Pardoe and choreographed by Sam Allen.


12.09.18  The Glendale College Concert Singers under the direction of Dr. Peter Green give the second  SoCal premiere of "Awaken the Christ                      Child."   


12.02.18  The L.A. Choral Lab under the direction of Michael Alfera give the first SoCal premiere of  "Awaken the Christ Child" as part of their                      "Love is Born: a Choral Nativity" concert.                                   

10.06.18   I will be leading the score study at the Academy of Scoring Arts featuring Jerry Goldsmith's  music for PLANET OF THE APES                              (1968) with special guest, legendary percussionist EMIL RICHARDS.  Vitello's in Studio City, 10am.

06.22.18  The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles' a cappella group, Aftershock  will be premiering my

                  arrangement of Dolly Parton's "Travelin' Thru."



01.27.18  Karyn Wolcott and the Willowbrook High School Concert Choir will be premiering my new setting of "i thank you God for most this                       amazing day,"  from poet E.E. Cummings; at the  Illinois Music  Educators Association Conference 



11.12.17  "What Was His Creed?" is premiered by the Elmhurst College Concert Choir under the direction of  Susan Moninger


09.29.17  I will be presenting a special INFOrum with the Academy of Scoring Arts:  Bernard Herrmann and  the Psychological Narrative of His                    Film Scores: 9/29/17 at Vitello's in Studio City, CA 10- 12:30

05.07.17  "Psalm 90" is premiered by the L.A. Choral Lab under the direction of Michael Alfera as part of  their concert, "Sh'ma:  Choral Music                    in the Hebrew Tradition."

04.29.17  "Welcome Back, Your Soul" is premiered by the California State University Women's Chorale under the direction of Dr. Katherine                          Ramos Baker.


01.21.17  "Cries From Syria" with music by Martin Tillman, for which I created some of the orchestrations to  premiere at the Sundance Film                         Festival.


12.05.16  I join the scoring team with Martin Tillman, orchestrating and adapting his original music for the  score of the important and riveting                   new documentary, "Cries From Syria."


12.04.16  The Glendale Community College Concert Singers under the direction of Dr. Peter Green perform  "Rio De Rosas" and "Sound Over                        All Waters."

10.16.16  The Hollywood United Methodist Church Chancel Choir under the direction of John West will be  performing William V. Malpede‘s                         gospel anthem, “The King’s Highway” on October 16, 2016.

06.15.16  My SATB arrangement of "Solitude"  is one of three pieces chosen to be read and performed at  the SCL/SAG-AFTRA Choral                                 Workshop session.

04.08.16  I perform with Martin Tillman's SUPERHUMAN at the NAPA Valley music supervisor summit and seminar weekend.


10.19.15  SCHELLEN URSLI, with music by Martin Tillman and with my orchestrations is the #1 movie, upon its opening weekend in                                     Switzerland.


10.03.15  LA Choral Lab perform "Sound Over All Waters," as part of their program , WATER GAMES.


06.04.15  Begin my residency at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, New Mexico.  My focus will be  composition.


05.16.15  Recording the score for SCHELLEN URSLI, which I orchestrated for composer Martin Tillman; with the Prague Philharmonic


04.23.15  Conducting the award-winning CSUN Wind Ensemble in a performance of my piece, "Eye of the Storm: a Portrait of Benny."


04.15.15  Performing with Martin Tillman's SUPERHUMAN


03.01.15  Orchestrating with composer Martin Tillman for upcoming Swiss feature film, SCHELLEN URSLI  (A BELL FOR URSLI)


01.01.15  Working with writing partner Rick Garcia, composing and arranging transition music  for the 2015 Rose Bowl Parade